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Welcome to Schmidt Auto Care | Springboro, OH
05 Jun, 2024

Welcome to Austin Landing! When checking out a new area, drivers want to know where they can find a local trustworthy auto shop which can help out when their vehicle has a problem. Luckily, we at Schmidt Auto Care are right in the neighborhood. Our team has experience with performing a wide variety of service tasks on many different car, pickup truck and SUV models. From the simple to the complex, we know what your vehicle needs to keep it strong and healthy on the road ahead.

02 Feb, 2024

Your car’s tires are one of the most important safety features on the vehicle, handling lots of wear and tear from uneven roads while providing the traction needed to keep you in your lane. With this in mind, how do you know if your tires will still keep you safe? What are the points of tire inspection which you need to know, and how do you check if tires are good or not?

Schmidt Auto Care is proud to provide expert vehicle service and care for drivers from Cincinnati to Dayton and beyond. Our work is guided by our core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Superior Service. So from oil changes and battery replacement to drivetrain and transmission services, let the friendly, capable service professionals at Schmidt Auto Care handle your automotive repair needs.

Why Should I Inspect My Tires?

16 Jan, 2024

A vehicle’s tires, along with its seatbelts, brakes, and headlights, are some of its most important safety equipment. But in order to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe, a tire must have enough tread on it to grip the road properly.

Worn-out tires do not offer drivers sufficient traction when driving on the roads and can increase the risk of a catastrophic tire blowout or accident. Thus, it is critical for car owners to know how to properly monitor the tire tread depth on their vehicle and identify when it is time to replace the tires.

What Is Tire Tread Depth?

how much is a wheel alignment
15 Dec, 2023

You hit the road with a full tank of gas, windows down, your favorite playlist on shuffle. You expect a smooth ride, but as your hands grip the steering wheel, you notice that it starts to shake. You might have turned up the bass, but not so high that the car should be shaking like this. What other explanation is there? An earthquake? A road that turned from pavement to cobblestones?

In all likelihood, none of these things would account for your shaky wheel. In fact, the most likely culprit is one that most people might not even think of the alignment.


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